When I first read the Power of Now and spent time on retreat with Eckhart, I just knew that spending time in presence with others was important

Eckhart Tolle

At that time there were just three silent groups in the UK - in London, Glasgow and Glastonbury. This led me to begin to facilitate an Eckhart Tolle Stillness Group in Leeds back in February 2004, and as I became aware of how much interest in Eckhart's work there was out there, I began this website dedicated to helping Groups to develop all around the UK

Stay present, stay conscious. Be the ever-alert guardian of your inner space. You need to be present enough to be able to watch the pain-body directly and feel its energy. It then cannot control your thinking
Eckhart Tolle

As you can see on our Groupfinder page, we now have over fifty established groups, or those hoping to begin one

I am delighted to say that these days it is so much easier to access Eckhart's work for those who cannot afford to spend time on a retreat

Eckhart's main website has a wide range of free content. On the site you'll find articles, interviews, information on local groups across the world and a whole series of free videos - plus a free online course (which Eckhart calls an Uncourse!). You can also subscribe to the Eckhart Tolle eNewsletter and his weekly "Present Moment Reminders". The links below are just a small sample to whet your appetite - click here to explore everything the site has to offer

Meanwhile, over on Eckhart's other official website, you can discover more about Eckhart Tolle TV Teachings and Tools to Support the Evolution of Human Consciousness. Eckhart Tolle TV is a subscription service offering monthly live streamed guided meditations and new teachings with Eckhart, as well as teachings with Kim Eng, an on-line community, and more

Eckhart Tolle DVDs are available directly from the store on his own site here, but also from online retailers including the following:

You may like to know that Eckhart will be here in the UK at the beginning of October for one evening at the Royal Albert Hall, London with a four hour talk entitled "Awakening Consciousness". The event will take place from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm (doors open 5.00 pm) on Tuesday 1 October 2019 and you can buy tickets online here