All of the current UK groups of which we are aware, together with contact details of individuals either wishing to join existing groups or start new ones, are listed below by region. Click your region on the interactive map or toggle to the links on the region list to go straight to your local area

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As the transformation of consciousness happens many people feel drawn to meet with like minded souls. The shift in consciousness can be so great that one may feel to have less in common with friends and family than before. At this time it often happens that new people do come into your life

If you would like to add your own message below please us, clearly stating how you wish others to contact you (ie mobile telephone or email etc) - and please let us know if you subsequently wish your message to be removed, or your phone or email details have changed

If you would like to attend one of the groups or contact an individual please get in touch directly with the named contact

For a variety of reasons, groups are frequently limited in size - if your local groups are fully subscribed, or there aren't any listed then consider starting a new group yourself; there could well be others who would be interested in your area. Please us for any advice that would help

If you're not in the UK, local groups all over the world are listed on the web site, or visit our International section below

Please note that we are not responsible for the management, supervision or conduct of the Groups, Facilitators or Individuals listed here - the information is published solely to help you share Eckhart's teaching, 'The Power of Now', with each other

We strongly recommend that you take all reasonable precautions to ensure your personal safety and security when meeting with individuals who are not known to you